Thursday, 11 June 2009

Brenda Pinnick Fans Unite ! - Vince's layout our Museum day out with Brenda

Hi to everyone who's a very very very big fan of Brenda Pinnick gorgeous designs. My name is Fabrizio (you might know me as Fabyon on some forums) and I decided to create this blog for all the Brenda Pinnick fans out there (and I know there are many !!!). There will be various contributors to this blog where they will showcase their Brenda Pinnick creations.

Brenda knows about this blog and I'm sure she'll come over and comment on your creations so make her proud guys !

This first post I thought I would use Vince's recent two layouts of our day at the British Museum with Brenda when she visited London back in May. A big hello to Bridget, Helen and Leonie who were there on the day too ! It was a fantastic day and I just want to thank Brenda for patience as kinda 'mobbed' her for her attention. LOL


  1. Great use of papers, Vince!

    I used those papers (which QVC incorrectly call the 'Initially Yours' pad) to make my parents' Golden Wedding scrapbook. I'll post a few pages from that - together with a link to my gallery if you want to view all 20 or so pages.

  2. What a great idea Fab! Looking forward to seeing what everyone has created. Love the LOs of us all back in May - was it really that long ago now??

  3. Hey only just realised that these are VINCE'S LOs! Never - did not know he was a crafter too!!!

  4. Fabrizio, thank you for creating this fan page! I hope to see lots of our amazingly talented friends post their projects. I'll be sending over some exclusive pdf projects from time to time, just for the visitors who have joined!

    I'm busy working on a new collection right now, hoping it will find it's way over to the UK as scrapbooking kits!

  5. Great to hear that Brenda. I can't wait to see that new kit ! So guys you heard it here first ! XXXX Fab